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Official website of Matthew Dickerson 2012 National Hammer Dulcimer Champion.

Matthew Dickerson is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and National Champion on the hammered dulcimer.  His record and performances offer a delightful compilation of crowd favorites ranging from traditional, to classical, to 100% original.

Kentucky Music Week 2018


Matthew was asked to teach at Kentucky Music Week (KMW) this year. This is a week long event of daily workshops that build upon each other.  So every day he had four classes to teach, plus jams and extra mini workshops. This was also our first event to set up as vendors, so he spent part of his time manning the booth as well. 


The week started out with an instructor's meeting and then a get-to-know-you dinner followed by a jam. As a matter fact, every night ended in a jam, or multiple jams, being held throughout the area. Not to mention the middle of the day jams. Needless to say, KMW has a lot of jams.

Tuesday and Thursday night were concert nights. The performers each had a 7-10 minute performance time. Matthew performed on Tuesday night. (Unfortunately, I was unable to go with him to this event, so he called me every night to tell me how the day went. This was the longest time we had been apart since getting married three years ago. Prior to this, we had only spent one night apart.

Come on, say it............"awe"..........

There. That makes me feel better!)


Each day of Kentucky Music Week has a different theme. Space day, Mardi Gras day, 60's day, etc. Everyone is encouraged to dress up for the occasion, so Matthew was a good sport and donned a new outfit every day to fit with the theme.

A large amount of Matthew's time prior to KMW was spent getting his workshops prepared and creating daily sheet music for each of the classes to learn the concepts from. He had a really good turnout of students, which was nice since this was his first year teaching.

Matthew's classes...

The Intermediate Class


The Advanced Class


The Beginner/Intermediate Class


The Beginner Class


Here is the picture of the attendees and teachers at KMW. That's a lot of folks! Thanks to everyone who attended and a big shout out to all the people behind the scenes to help make KMW what it is!

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