The Dulcimer guy

Official website of Matthew Dickerson 2012 National Hammer Dulcimer Champion.

Matthew Dickerson is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and National Champion on the hammered dulcimer.  His record and performances offer a delightful compilation of crowd favorites ranging from traditional, to classical, to 100% original.

Kids Presentation

Last night, Matthew put on a "mini" performance for the kids group at a local church.  Before he unpacked his dulcimer from its case, he asked if any of the kids knew what was in there.  He got a lot of "unique" answers: a piano, a harp, a table, etc!  He pulled it out and explained what it was, and as he started to play it, it was neat to see the amazement in the kid's eyes! 

I enjoyed listening along with the kids as he played songs like "Jesus Loves Me" and "Do-Re-Mi" .  You could feel the enthusiasm in the room as everyone performed the moves to the song "Father Abraham"!  Eventually, Matthew wound down the evening with a beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace".  It's nice to see that the younger generation can enjoy fun music on such a beautiful instrument.  As we packed up to leave, he got a lot of requests by the kids for selfie pictures, which tickled our funny bones.  It was a fun evening, well spent!

(Sorry for the blurry photos!  I took them while rocking Benjamin back and forth!)

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