The Dulcimer guy

Official website of Matthew Dickerson 2012 National Hammer Dulcimer Champion.

Matthew Dickerson is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and National Champion on the hammered dulcimer.  His record and performances offer a delightful compilation of crowd favorites ranging from traditional, to classical, to 100% original.

Christmas Candlelight Services

On Sunday evening, Matthew performed two Christmas Candlelight church programs.  The first one took place at Little Horse Creek Baptist Church in Graniteville, SC. 

The folks at Little Horse Creek were very friendly and receptive and enjoyed Matthew's playing.  They were very interested in how the instrument works and came up at the end to ask questions.  They invited us to join them for their meal afterward and we had a good time of fellowship with them before we had to head over to our church for our annual Christmas Candlelight Service.

We arrived at our church, Family Fellowship Church, and had a good time of eating, talking and fellowship with our friends and family.  After eating, the service began and Matthew once again put on a lovely program of Dulcimer music, guitar playing, singing, and sharing. 

The services were beautiful and we had a wonderful time preparing for Christmas.

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