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Matthew Dickerson is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and National Champion on the hammered dulcimer.  His record and performances offer a delightful compilation of crowd favorites ranging from traditional, to classical, to 100% original.

When I'm Happy and I know it- CD

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When I'm Happy and I know it- CD


When I'm Happy and I Know It is a multi-instrumental exposition of crowd favorites and original tunes featuring the hammered dulcimer.  

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Matthew Dickerson: When I

Song List

   Young Joe Clark- is an adaption of the old familiar folk tune “Old Joe Clark” but with a bit of “spice” added.  Hence the title change to convey an energetic, and unexplored feeling of adventurer. ~Hammer dulcimer, guitar, and mandolin

   Sheebeg Sheemore- is one of my favorite tunes taking me back to the celtic beginnings of my musical endeavors.  Although I have added a progressive twist, this old harp tune still holds holds the depth and beauty we would expect from the writer Turlough O’Carolan.  I have arranged this piece for fingerstyle guitar featuring beautiful flute playing by my sister in-law.   ~Guitar, hammered dulcimer, and flute

   When I’m Happy and I Know It- haphazardly came together just a couple weeks before I competed in for the national championship in Winfield Kansas.  I remember rehearsing my choice songs right before the competition out in the parking lot and feeling uncomfortable with one of my tunes.  But what would I replace it with on the fly?  Thats right, When I’m Happy and you know It.  I continued to arrange the tune up to the hour of the competition and said a prayer before I went on stage for the second round.  They loved it!  And it helped me take home the unexpected trophy.  Since then it has been a fun tune to play and a real crowd favorite.  

    When folks asked me what I was naming my debut album I would always reply “When I’m Happy and I Know it” -it just seemed to fit.    Hammered Dulcimer, Guitar Mandolin

   Bittersweet- took me by surprise one evening while I was getting weary of not making progress recording another tune.  As a stress reliever, I started playing improv on my dulcimer.  And then it came to me.  Bittersweet was written in one hour and hasn’t change since.  The title says it all- listen for yourself.  Guitar, penny whistle, and hammered dulcimer

   The Pirate Jig- was originally titled “Medieval Jig” but as the tune developed over time I felt it deserved better.  Written over the course of two years this piece has exceeded my expectations.  It makes me think of a pirate captain singing to his crew and dancing, getting them spirited for an incredible mission.  Hammered dulcimer, and guitar.

   Hope never lost- revisits the sounds of Ireland long ago. Imagine when listening in your minds eye, early in the morning, when the dew is thick, a mother goes for a walk remembering her lost child whom she longs to see again in heaven someday.  I wrote this tune in dedication to my stillborn baby sister Hope Grace Dickerson whom I hope to see on the other side of eternity.    Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Whistle

   The Turkish March- was the first classical music piece I had worked on.  As I began to record it it sounded so fun!  How could I not include it.  Not perfect, but a blast to make, I went ahead added this piece to add to the variety.  Following the original arrangement for piano, the music for right and left hand are recorded on the dulcimer separately and layered together.   ~Hammered Dulcimer

   St. Kilda’s Wedding- was one of the first tunes I learned on the dulcimer.  A few years back I made my first music video of this song and uploaded it to You Tube.  It was met with great reception and helped me to get my first few gigs. 

This version is slightly different with an added bridge and new energy.  ~Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer

   Moment of Prayer- reminds us of good those times on our knees in prayer and worship to God in stillness.  My goal and endeavor was to combine simplicity and beauty that would remind us of the giver of all good things. ~ Hammered Dulcimer and Guitar

   Off to California/Tom Morrisons Hornpipe- are two very similar tunes combined into a medley.  Once again I revisit one of my old favorite Irish medleys.  I remember playing this song on my whistle before I knew what a hammered dulcimer was.  Revived from the traditional and recreated with a new spark.    ~Hammered Dulcimer, Guitar, Whistle

   As I Skip Along- is a tune written from heart;  A song sung out of pure joy and thankfulness.  I don’t think you can get through this song without a smile.  I really wanted to write a catchy tune with easily remembered words and a important message.

   Folks ask me all the time “do you sing?”  I usually reply “no, but, I do have this one song…..”   ~ Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Whistle, Violin, Vocals

   Beyond a Sunset- brings this album to a close with a finishing feeling yet a sense of new horizons, unvisited places, and unfinished quests; Like the song is saying “to be continued…..”.  I would say this song has become one of my personal favorites and continues to grow on me with time.  The second song featuring fingerstyle guitar and dulcimer; a perfect combo. ~ Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Violin

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